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We all love a good fireplace or stove but…

When was the last time you ensured that your appliance is still safe to use?

You’ll rarely meet someone who doesn’t enjoy a good fire.  Fires look beautiful, it warms us and it brings people together. With the invention of stoves, we can bring the benefits a good fire into our homes in an efficient, and safe way.

However, like any machine, a solid fuel stove doesn’t just need to be installed by a competent person, it also needs regular maintenance and checks to ensure that it remains safe and efficient to use, and unlike many other homes appliances, a faulty stove or chimney system can result in fatalities…

This is why keeping up to your regular stove and chimney maintenance schedule is key to keeping your home and family first.

From having your chimney swept to remove dangerous soot deposits and making your combustion gasses have a clear and safe exit path, to doing a full appliance/installation service to ensure that your stove installation still meets manufacturer and building regulation standards (flue connections, chimney integrity, distance to flammables, air supply, CO alarms, etc.), your fireplace maintenance is a vital part of your home maintenance and not something that most home owners want or can easily do themselves.

Did you know? Most stove and flue system manufacturers require that their products are serviced at least once a year for their warranty to be valid.

Here at CR stoves we don’t just install solid fuel appliances, but we also specialize in providing full maintenance services. To find out more, please see below or give us call!

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