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Chimney Sweeping

Keep your chimney safe, efficient and clean by booking today.

We use the latest power sweeping equipment along with tried and tested techniques for a clean and efficient service.

Why should I sweep my chimney?

Keeping your chimney clean is a very important part of keeping your fireplace safe and efficient.

Soot accumulation can cause a chimney fires and flue blockages will not only reduce the performance of your chimney, but can also cause your chimney gasses to come back into your room, which is a serious health hazard!

Having your chimney swept regularly will help keep your home safe and keep your fire working as well as it can.

How often should I sweep my chimney?

It really depends on how often you use your chimney and the fuel you burn. As a minimum we recommend that your chimney is cleaned annually. If you use your fireplace regularly or burn more pollutant fuels such as coal, more frequent chimney sweeping would be require,

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