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Frequently Asked questions

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Chimney Sweeping & Servicing FAQ

How often should I sweep my chimney?

It depends on how often you use your chimney and what type of fuel you burn.

If you use your chimney only during the winter season we would recommend you have it swept at least once a year. However, if your chimney is used on a regular basis, or if you use less efficient fuels such as coal, you might need to sweep it more regularly.

For more information we always recommend visiting the HETAS website.

Why should I sweep my chimney?

There are three main reasons for sweeping your chimney.

1)  The safety of your home. By having your chimney swept you reduce accumulation of soot, thus reducing the chances of your chimney catching fire as well as reducing possible chimney blockages, which would cause your chimney to smoke back into the room, thus causing harmful gases (such as carbon monoxide) to enter your home..

 2 ) Efficiency of your system.  Regular chimney maintenance improves the natural flue draught by removing excess materials (soot) from your chimney, allowing a better airflow and better combustion, thus helping your appliance to burn more efficiently and consistently.

3) Your chimney liner warranty. If you have a flexible liner installed, your manufacturer warranty will normally require that your chimney is swept at least once per year.


Will my room get dirty?

No, our chimney sweeping process ensures that your home remains clean whilst we sweep your chimney. For more information, please visit our How it Works page.

How long will a sweep take?

Normally speaking a we’ll spend around 30 to 45 minutes at your property. However, unusual installations or stoves can delay the job.

If you have a bird nest in your chimney, we could take considerably longer. We will always let you know if that’s the case as the price will also be affected.

What is involved in a stove service?

Our stove service includes our standard chimney sweeping, plus a thorough clean and inspection of your appliance along with appliance testing,

We will remove and clean the internal parts of your stove, check all joints and connecting pipes. We will replace ropes, fire cement and carry our minor respray as needed. Additionally, to ensure your stove is performing correctly we’ll carry our a Smoke Test II (including spillage test), flue draught test and draught interference test.

If parts are required, such as new stove glass or firebricks, we should be able to source and fit them for you for an additional cost.

Why should I book a stove service?

In addition to the benefits discussed in ‘Why should I sweeping my chimney’, a full service of your stove will help you ensure that your appliance is working correctly, efficiently and safely, as well as prolonging the life of your appliance.

Also, your stove manufacturer might require that you stove is serviced regularly in order for keep your warranty valid.

Will I need to be home all day?

We work by appointment and we don’t like being late! Your booking will be for a set time and normally speaking done within the hour.

If you are unable to be at your property but have means to grant us access, we’ll happily do the job and you can pay us later by bank transfer.

Cristian is DBS checked so you can be assured that your home is in safe hands.

I have a gas fire, can you sweep my chimney and service my fire?

As long as we can access your flue we should we able to sweep your chimney. However, if access to your flue requires that your gas fire is removed or disconnected from the gas supply, then you will need to arrange for Gas Safe engineer to disconnect or remove your appliance and reconnect it once the chimney has been swept.

Unfortunately, if you need a service for your Gas Fire we will not be able to help. Please contact a Gas Safe registered engeneer. 

I think I have a bird nest or a bird in my chimney, can you remove it?

Yes we can! As long as the bird nest is not currently in use we can sweep your chimney and remove the nest. If the bird nest is used then you’ll have to wait after the nesting season if over before we can remove it. Please give us a call to discuss your situation.

Once the bird nest is removed, if possible, we recommend that you install a cowl or bird-guard to reduce the likelihood of further issues,


Do you issue sweep/service certificates?

We can issue certificates electronically or on paper form upon request.


General FAQ

How and when do I pay?

Chimney sweeping and servicing jobs are paid upon completion. Stoves and chimney system installations and repairs require a partial upfront payment with the balance paid upon installation completion.

We currently accept Banks Transfers (BACS) and Cash payments.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept cheques.

What fuels should I burn?

This will depend on your installed appliance. However, where the option is available, we strongly recommend burning seasoned logs from sustainable suppliers. Seasoned logs should have a moisture content of 20% or less.

Did you know? Burning suitable wood logs is a carbon neutral operation! For more information on suitable log suppliers please visit  https://woodsure.co.uk/


My stove/fireplace is not burning correcting or is smoking back, how can I fix it?

There are many different reasons why your appliance might not be working correctly. You could have a blocked chimney, installation problems, atmospheric issues or other changes to your home might be affecting air supply and air flow.

Booking your fireplace or stove a Service should help. We will thoroughly sweep your chimney, inspect and clean your appliance and carry out smoke, draught and draught interferenace tests. We will either be able to solve the issue or recommend the best way forward

My CO alarm has gone off. What should I do?

Leave your home, open your doors and windows if possible and contact the emergency services.

After the situation is resolved, get in touch to book a stove/appliance service so that we can diagnose and resolve any issues, or advise on the best solution.


What warranties do you offer?

We want our customers to be happy and satisfied with their installations. All our work is carry out in accord with building regulations at times of installation and manufacturer instructions, as such the respective manufacturer warranties will be valid for any products we supply. (Where applicable, please ensure that you activate your warranty with the manufacturer, please refer to your supplied product documentation)

If you have any issues with our work, please contact us within 12 month of installation and we’ll be happy to investigate and discuss your situation.

Stove and Chimney Systems Installations FAQ

I would like a wood burning or multi-fuel stove, but I don't know where to start, can you help?

We can indeed! At CR stoves we are able to help you throughout the entire process. 

We can help you select the appropriate stove for your needs, source a suitable model of your choice through our suppliers, help you with the overall design of your fireplace and carry our the full installation. 

Simply give us a call for a free, no obligation consultation. 


I have already purchased a stove, can you install it for me?

Normally, yes!

If you have already purchased your stove through another retailer we should be able to install it provided it meets the legal requirements for your area and is appropriate for your installation. 

Just give us a call for a free no obligation consultation and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your project.  

Will my installation be registered with building control?

Yes! As HETAS registered installers we will notify building control of your new solid fuel appliance or chimney system installation.

In fact, by using a HETAS registered installer you don’t just have peace of mind knowing that your installation has been carried our by a professional, but also you save money by not having to involve a building inspector and submit plans for installations within permitted building developments.

Can you line my chimney?
We supply and install flexible metal flue liner. So whether you are trying to fix leaking chimney or want to improve the performance of your appliance, we can help you with the right liner to fit your needs.
I would like to have a solid fuel appliance but I do not have a chimney, what can I do?

Not a problem! We supply, design and install twin-wall insulated flue systems which will allow install a stove in most properties. Simply give us a call for a free, no obligation consultation.

I have an existing installation or want to carry out the work myself, can you sign it off for me?

No, we are not able to sign off other peoples work.

If you already have an existing installation that has not been properly notified to building control, the only way we can help is to uninstall your system, check everything is up to current building regulations & standards and subsequently reinstall your appliance, carrying out all normal checks and procedures for a brand new installation. The cost to you will be similar to a normal installation and you might need to book a service before hand so that we can inspect and test the appliance before the re-installation.

My chimney doesn't have a fireplace anymore...

Not a problem. We can knock out and prepare a new fireplace opening for you or arrange for a builder specialist to carry our the work. Just give us call for a free, no obligation consultation.  

I want a quality installation, can you do it?

At CR Stoves we take pride in the quality of our work, craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. If you are looking for that little bit extra detail in your installation such high quality decorative beams, fire surrounds or bespoke tiling, we can source those part for you or use our network of industry professionals to ensure the installation is carried out to the highest stands.


My register plate doesn't have a access hatch and I've been told it is dangerous
If your register plate doesn’t have an access hatch and there is no other way to access the chimney side of the plate in order to clean soot deposits, your installation is not safe use due as a chimney fire might occur.

Please get in touch to arrange for a free, no obligation consultation.

I want a stone hearth's patter/colour doesn't exactly look like the one in the photo ?

Stone hearths are certainly one of our favorites hearths and they can make your installation look great! However, like all natural stones products the pattern or colour profile in the material will vary depending on the source stone and as such we cannot guarantee the pattern/colour nor replace it free of charge if you are not happy with it.

If you need to select your actual stone before installation, we can put you in touch with some of our local stone suppliers with cutting facilities so that you can select an suitable stone from their current stock and have it cut to size.

I only want a cowl or birdguard install. Do you install them?

We do supply and install cowls and bird-guards.

Please note, we will only undertake this work on roof with relatively safe access. It is not normally cost effective for you to involve scaffolding or lift access for a such a minor repair. Please give us a call for a free to discuss your situation. 

Why are you installing a CO alarm with my stove?

Building regulations require that we install a suitable CO alarm at a correct distance from and location from your appliance.

For your safety, please do not remove or block CO alarms.

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